The driving force behind Success
The secret ingredient to all success stories is a high level of motivation, and that's what we are talking about when we refer to the big M. Quite often we are thought to be motivated by reward but on investigating this further it seems as though this will only work for simple tasks that have a straight forward solution. Improving your health & fitness at times can be much more complex than simple. Recently I had a read of a book called 'Drive: The surprising Truth About What Motivates You' by Daniel. H. Pink and his theory suggests this. When it comes to motivation, the 3 elements that Pink talks about are the following:
1. Autonomy - The desire to direct our own lives.
2. Mastery - The urge to improve, or get better at something that is important to us.
3. Purpose - The yearning to do something in service of something larger than us.
Pink directs us to harness these elements in all aspects of our lives, i.e workplace, home, school etc in order to achieve. When it comes to your health put this into perspective;
1. Autonomy - what direction do you want to drive your own health & fitness? Can you use intrinsic motivation to exercise on a regular basis rather than an an extrinsic reward?
2. Mastery - Would you like to be better at something, a skill or exercise? Would you like to improve your performance?
3. Purpose - Do you fully understand the long term benefits of exercise or making positive change in your life and quite possibly the lives of others. What is your reason for doing what you do?
Our motivation is the driving force behind our success. Find what it is that really motivates you and create your own success story!

5 Tips to Get You Fit and Keep You Fit

Getting fit is easier than you think. With the right mindset, a few hours out of your week spent being active and good nutrition you can improve your fitness in no time. When we are fit we are able to move better, sleep better and live better. Often we are happier within ourselves because we feel good. Being fit helps to improve your motivation in all other aspects of our lives and can even help prevent illness.

Get in the zone. If you don’t have the right mindset any program you attempt will fail. You will need to prepare yourself mentally. Get rid of excuses and admit to what is holding you back. Decide what you really want to achieve and find out what it is that seems to motivate you.

Get Assessed. Assess where you are right now and see what really needs improving. Use the scales the tape measure or even old clothes that you used to fit into. Having something measurable will help motivate you as you will be able to see the results.

Get moving. Set out a routine or program for yourself that includes days, times and activity that fit nicely with your lifestyle. Starting at the beginning of the day works well incase your day gets away from you later. Often programs will be more successful and more enjoyable if you have a friend or training partner to work with you. Include at least 3 sessions a week in your plan but preferably 4-5.

Get nutrient-rich. Create a healthy, nutritious food plan that fits in with your lifestyle. Get organised early in the week with your groceries so you are prepared with healthy, nutritious foods rather that eating the first thing in sight or whatever is easiest to get at the time. Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinners and have healthy snacks on hand. Try to focus on getting the most nutrition out of your food rather than calories/kilojoules. Having a nutritious diet will satisfy you much more and you will find you won’t need to eat as much.

Get consistentConsistency is the key to success. Establish a realistic routine that you can stick to that doesn’t feel difficult to maintain. Consistency over time will lead to lasting results.

Fitness is a lifetime commitment. Your routine and interests may change throughout your life but your commitment to your fitness must stay strong to live happy and healthy.


XX Ange